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Ferienpaß 2018
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English Theatre

English Theatre


Can you read this ? - so you`ll easyly understand the native actors who will present :


A Play by Nilo Cruz,
Premiere on 14 February 2019
Final Performance on 13 April 2019

After her mother’s death an American girl travels to a coastal village in southern Spain to reconnect with her artist father, Emiliano, who abandoned the family ten years earlier. She meets her father’s female companion and falls in love with his Moroccan houseboy, only to discover that the young man is not only married to the female companion but is her father’s preferred bed partner as well. During the emotional fireworks that follow, the ghost of dead Spanish poet Frederico Garcia Lorca hovers, advising Emiliano on the virtues of being a good father and the pitfalls of sexual passion. This supernatural element, underscored by Spanish classical guitar music and flamenco dance, gives the play a magical, poetic quality reminiscent of Garcia Lorca’s writing.
Nilo Cruz, the Cuban American author of the play, is a Pulitzer Prize winner and one of America’s most promising new playwrights.

If you want to join us, please ring me up until the 19th of december.

Return to Lübeck will be at about one o`clock am.

The preview price are 16,- €, ( 9,- € for students ), we take 5,- € for transportation costs between Lübeck and Hamburg.

We start on the 12th of february at 6 pm from Lübeck.

Enjoy yourselfs

Tom Holger

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