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Can you read this ? - so you`ll easyly understand the native actors who will present :


by Charles Dickens
adapted for the stage by Paul Glaser

1 September – 29 October 2022

This is the story of Pip, a poor village boy in Victorian England who longs to rise above his humble origins and become an English gentleman. In this new adaptation of the much-loved British classic, you will accompany Pip on his journey through adolescence while experiencing the world and language of the great Charles Dickens. You will meet the host of vivid characters that play a role in shaping Pip’s future, among them: Pip’s bossy older sister and her kindly blacksmith husband who have raised the orphaned Pip; a murderous convict on the moor; the beautiful but cold Estella with whom Pip falls in love; the jilted Miss Havisham in her rotting wedding dress; and a mysterious benefactor. In keeping with Dickens’ celebrated novel, this theatrical adaptation is not only a story of joy and great expectations, but also of disappointment and destroyed illusions. With original music and the innovative staging of adaptor and director Paul Glaser, the production is sure to meet your expectations.

The play costs 19,- €, we take 5,- € for transportation costs between Lübeck and Hamburg ( inkluding return ).

We start on the 30th of august at 6 pm from Lübeck.

Enjoy yourselfs
Tom Holger